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In 1990, Greg Jones commissioned me to write a requiem in memory of his father, James Earl Jones, Sr.

I responded with a ten movement work for soloists and choir.

The orchestration was assigned to Chris Lobdell.

On Friday evening April 13th, 1990 Requiem had its premier at the Cason United Methodist Church in Delray Beach, Florida.

The performance was very successfully received, but rather than sing its praises, we want you to decide for yourself.

Over the upcoming months you will be able to view samples of the score in music notation...and listen to audio samples, right here on this website.

If you wish to perform Requiem soon or acquaint yourself with the score, you may email or phone us and materials will be made available to you.

Requiem is a ‘tonal’ composition with an audience accessible romantic, melodic score. Most of the text is set in traditional Latin with some of the music set in English as well.


"REQUIEM" (Movements)

Requiem Aeternam

Look To This Day


Pie Jesu

Lux Aeterna

Agnus Dei

Psalm 91

Libera Me

In Paradisum

A Stately House

NOTE: Requiem, performed as a complete work, has a performance time of approximately forty-five minutes. Excerpts from this work stand very well on their own and are also available from us.


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