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Done There, Been That is a musical play about divorce, as seen through the eyes of a child.

It tells the story of Ben and Ro, a couple who get married in their early twenties and have a daughter, Amy. In spite of the love between them, Ben and Ro begin to grow apart, and when they reach their early thirties they realize it is time to go their separate ways. So how does all of this affect Amy? Aha...!

Done There, Been That can be produced as a ‘compact’ musical, calling for ‘suggestions’ of sets and a cast of only four actors. It can work in a small space.

It is a ‘high energy’ piece that is fueled by the emotions of the characters and the story, and can therefore communicate well to an audience in a large theater.

The roles are powerfully drawn and each performer is presented with the opportunity to shine by means of his or her own characterization.

Done There, Been That is a musical that will speak to younger audiences in their twenties and thirties. It is contemporary and it is their story. It also speaks to the other individuals who are involved in family issues; namely parents, in-laws, friends, and of course, the children.

The musical score reflects the sound of traditional ‘theater music’ in the style of Bernstein, Sondheim, Rodgers, and Jerry Herman.

Cast of Characters

Musical Numbers


(in order of appearance)

A ten year old child, who is experiencing the divorce of her parents. Amy also acts as an observer and commentator before she is born, and during the course of her upbringing. The family story is told through her eyes.

RO (Rose-Marie)
Amy’s mother; age thirty. She is pretty, perky, intelligent, independent and, at times, a bit vulnerable. We also meet her at age nineteen, before she and Ben are married. It remains clear as life events unfold, that she always tries to be a good wife and mother.
Note: Ro also plays her own mother, CARMEN.

BEN (Benjamin) GORDON
Amy’s father; early thirties. When we first meet him, at the time of the divorce, he is attractive, self-assured, independent, and has largely remained a responsible husband and a devoted father. When we encounter him at age twenty, he is a shy, care-free, awkward boy, very much in love with Ro. As the years pass, the responsibilities of being a husband and a father will re-define him.
Note: Ben briefly plays his own father, JACK.

This versatile actor will play the following roles in order of appearance:

SWING: (As himself) Comments on the action and interacts with Amy.

VICTOR: Ben’s mindless party buddy.

ESTELLE: Ben’s mother; anxious and assertive.

MR. BEASLEY: Ben’s gruff boss.

MACBETH: The family dog; ugly, mangy, spirited and totally lovable.

SALESPEOPLE: A variety of pantomime characters.

PEDIATRICIAN: Elderly and kindhearted; with a shock of white hair.

TESS: A bar acquaintance out of Ben’s drunk imagination.

CARMEN: Ro’s mother; her back only, in pantomime.




Done There, Been That RO and BEN
Does Anybody Want Me? AMY
Can A Bird Love A Fish? BEN and RO
It's All Good SWING, AMY, RO and  BEN
Power Play RO and BEN
Love Unconditional BEN with MACBETH
Don't Try To Stop Me RO with SWING and AMY
The Games Kids Play AMY with MACBETH
The World's Greatest Lover BEN, RO, AMY, SWING and PEDIATRICIAN


We've Got It Made BEN, RO, AMY, SWING with MACBETH
Knock, Knock
(Bark, Bark)
Compromise RO, ESTELLE, BEN, CARMEN and JACK; plus AMY
Old Before My Time RO; plus AMY
Burp BEN with TESS
Shirley Temple To The Rescue AMY, BEN and RO with MACBETH
Yesterday Ended Last Night RO and BEN
Done There, Been That
BEN, RO with AMY


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